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      Allied基材厚度測量儀 X-PREP® VISION™

      簡要描述:The X-Prep? Vision? is a metrology tool that enables measurement of silicon and semitransparent substrates. It is necessary for applications that require uniform thinning to a specific target with a t

      • 產品型號:X-PREP®
      • 廠商性質:代理商
      • 更新時間:2023-05-23
      • 訪  問  量:1061
      • 產品簡介


      The X-Prep® fixture adapter is also secured to the motorized stage on the X-Prep® Vision™, ensuring the measurement/tool control coordinates remain aligned when transferred between systems. 
      A library with over 130 materials (i.e., GaAs, InGaAs, SiC, Sapphire/Al2O3, InP, SiGe, GaN, photo-resist) is included with every system.
      Meaurement & Observation - How it Works
      IR light is focused onto a sample, and a unique signal based on the refractive index of the material is created. The return signal is analyzed by the software to produce a thickness value.
      Meauring Below 10 µm Thickness
      For applications requiring thinning to less than 10 µm, precise measurement is possible only by adding the visible light spectrometer accessory.


      Multipoint scan or single-point thickness measurement 10 microns to full thickness (1 mm) range of measurement (15 nm to 1 mm thick when configured with #15-51000 Spectrometer)
      Motorized, automatic X/Y/Z (auto-focus) with <1s acquisition time Automatic edge and corner detection aligns measurement grid with X-Prep® - including theta correction
      Edge exclusion with X/Y input Stage fitted with X-Prep® fixture adapter
      "Drive to Coordinate" software navigation Viewing of either 2D plot/map or 3D graph
      Supplied with Allied proprietary X-Correct™ software CCD camera (#15-50020) must be purchased separately if not purchasing Visible Light Spectrometer (#15-51000)
      Roughness - 15 micron finish 100 mm x 100 mm stage travel
      Software automation extendable through .  NET Data export using standard Windows methods
      One (1) year warranty Dimensions: 14" W x 17" D x 19" H (355 x 431 x 483 mm)


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